The features
of a dream

The features of a dream

SUSANNA BLU’s garments have a history which they draw heavily from.

They are expressions of a present made up of contaminations and experiences.

And they are aimed at an idea of the future, which is sustainable and respectful of resources and their value.

The materials, strictly of natural origin, guarantee quality and longevity to the garments by minimizing the impact on the environment and their own waste.

This is a precise choice and the centre of a creative idea.

The high-quality tailoring supervised and taken care of by the very creator behind SUSANNA BLU, together with the collaboration of artisanal experienced seamstresses, transforms SUSANNA BLU’s garments into true examples of MADE IN ITALY excellence.

This creative idea considers every single piece of fabric extremely precious and repurposes it consistently because it holds the value of SUSANNA BLU.

A creative idea that also aims to reduce the impact in terms of transportation, optimizing deliveries with the aim of reducing the pollution as much as possible.

SUSANNA BLU is a creative and sustainable brand.

SUSANNA BLU. From nature and with nature.

SUSANNA BLU. Manufacturing art in close harmony with the world around.

SUSANNA BLU. Contemporary expressions.